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Brown Algae Moisturizing Facial Mask

Brown Algae Moisturizing Facial Mask

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The Brown Algae comprising the class Phaeophyceae, are a large group of multicellular algae, including many seaweeds. The vitality comes from the ocean, the extraction of rare seaweed essence, deep replenishment, soothing, moisturizing, shiny embellish.
Seaweed collagen gives the skin a moisturizing, firming, and radiant glow. The moisturizing effect also lasts longer with Biocellulose and gives your skin a healthy glow.

Advantages of seaweed essence:
1. Nutritionally complete, rich in substances required for plant growth and development,
2. Good effect, safety, environmental protection, no toxic side effects to humans and animals, no pollution to the environment.
3. Give the skin a moisturizing, firming, and radiant glow.
Quantity : 6pcs/box

Weight: 260g

Made in Japan


褐藻是一大群多細胞藻,包括許多海藻。 生命力來自海洋,本產品提取稀有的海藻精華,深層補水,舒緩縐紋和保濕,閃亮點綴。海藻膠原蛋白為肌膚帶來保濕,緊緻和容光煥發的功效。生物纖維素令保濕效果也持久,使您的肌膚健康水潤,散發光彩。

2. 純天然成份效果好,安全,環保,對人體無毒無副作用,對環境無污染。

數量 : 6片/盒

包裝尺寸 : 12.7 x 3 x 18.8cm

重量 : 260g


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